My team at Mozilla, the half of the larger devtools team that works on JavaScript and performance tools, is looking to hire another software engineer.

We have members of the devtools team in our San Francisco, London, Vancouver, Paris, Toronto, and Portland offices, but many also work remotely.

We are responsible for writing the full stack of the tools we create, from the C++ platform APIs exposing SpiderMonkey and Gecko internals, to the JavaScript/CSS/HTML based frontend that you see when you open the Firefox Developer Tools.

Some of the things we're working on:

  • A JavaScript debugger

  • A performance tool that incorporates a sampling CPU-profiler, platform events tracing, and information from SpiderMonkey's Just-In-Time compiler

  • An allocations and heap usage profiler (this is what I'm working on, and I wrote about it here)

  • A WebGL shader live-editor, and a canvas debugger to step through individual draw calls

One of the most important things for me is that every line of code we write at Mozilla is Free and Open Source from day one, and we're dedicated to keeping the web open.

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