🎉 The Rust impl period has begun! 🎉

That means that the Rust community is focusing purely on implementing accepted RFCs and all the 2017 goals for the rest of the year. Designing and discussing new features and RFCs is temporarily paused.

One of the areas of exploration called out in the 2017 Roadmap was “Integration with other languages, running the gamut from C to JavaScript”. This is where bindgen comes in.

bindgen takes C and C++ header files as input and generates corresponding Rust extern function declarations and repr(C) type definitions. We are making C and C++ libraries easy to use from Rust, and eliminating writing tedious and error prone boilerplate by hand.

And we would love your help!

We’ve been focusing on making bindgen easy to dive into for new contributors. We have mentored issues, a growing community of friendly folks, and fun problems to solve :)

Want to dive in?

Hope to see you soon!