We’re kicking off a working group to polish the end-to-end user experience of targeting WebAssembly from Rust and we want your help. Check out rust-lang-nursery/rust-wasm to learn more and get involved!

As called out in Rust’s 2018 roadmap RFC, we believe that Rust and WebAssembly is a compelling combination. Rust gives programmers low-level control and reliable performance. Its minuscule runtime enables small .wasm binaries and incremental adoption. Binary size is of huge importance since the .wasm must be downloaded over the network. Incrementality means that existing code bases don’t need to be thrown away; programmers can start by porting their most performance-sensitive JavaScript functions or modules to Rust to gain immediate benefits. Furthermore, Rust has many of the amenities that Web developers have come to expect, such as strong package management, expressive abstractions, and a welcoming community.

The working group will do cross-cutting work that ranges from hacking on the rustc and LLVM toolchains, to implementing a WebAssembly version of bindgen, to designing code size profilers, to writing a Rust and WebAssembly book. There are a wide variety of exciting problems to tackle, mentors to provide guidance, and opportunities to make an impact!

Come join us and let’s make Rust + WebAssembly = 💖!